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In 2021 The Monkey Natural brand was born in Bulgaria.

It is the work of two young and motivated dreamers with a vision of a better world in which to raise and bequeath to their children.

It all started when in 2019. they bought a small, greedy and cute puppy who loves to eat everything from the ground. This animal's quest to eat the whole world forced them open their eyes for all the waste and garbage around us.

In this moment, they realized that they have much more power that they previously thought to build a more beautiful and greener reality.

This is how the idea for Monkey Natural was born.

They decided to help people reduce their own waste and replace the plastic and petroleum products they use in their daily lives with environmentally friendly ones.

Every product offered by Monkey Natural has passed laboratory and household tests to make sure that they offer the highest quality to their customers.

In order to further contribute to the cause, for every sold item, the brand donates the monetary equivalent needed to plant one tree to a non-governmental organizations battling deforestation!

The truth is that Monkey Natural alone cannot change the world, but with the help of all of us, we can become a force large enough to achieve a real and tangible impact on the environment and secure a better future!

Place your trust in Monkey Natural and become a part of the change!

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